Tablet chlorine 90%

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Product: Tablet Chlorine 90%

Chemical Formula: Not provided

Information about the product:

– Tablet chlorine 90% is a chlorine-based disinfectant commonly used for water treatment and sanitization purposes.
– Tablets are a convenient form of chlorine, offering controlled and consistent dosing.
– The exact chemical formula may vary depending on the specific composition of the tablet, but it typically contains chlorine compounds such as calcium hypochlorite or sodium dichloroisocyanurate.

Information for the sector of utilize of the product:

1. Swimming Pool and Spa Maintenance:
– Tablet chlorine 90% is extensively used in swimming pools and spas to maintain proper water hygiene and disinfection. The tablets gradually dissolve, releasing chlorine into the water to kill bacteria, algae, and other microorganisms.

2. Water Treatment Plants:
– Tablet chlorine 90% can be employed in water treatment plants as an effective disinfectant. It is used to treat drinking water, wastewater, and industrial water systems to ensure safe and clean water for consumption or industrial processes.

3. Household Water Purification:
– Tablets chlorine 90% can be used by individuals to purify water for camping, hiking, or emergency preparedness. The tablets are added to untreated water to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and parasites, making the water safe for drinking.

4. Food and Beverage Industry:
– Tablet chlorine 90% is utilized in the food and beverage industry for sanitizing equipment, utensils, and surfaces. It helps eliminate bacteria and pathogens that may contaminate food products during processing and handling.

5. Agriculture and Horticulture:
– Tablets chlorine 90% can be applied in agriculture and horticulture for disinfecting irrigation systems, water storage tanks, and greenhouse surfaces. It helps control the growth of algae, fungi, and other harmful microorganisms.

6. Industrial Disinfection:
– Tablet chlorine 90% finds applications in various industrial sectors for disinfection purposes. It can be used to sanitize cooling towers, industrial wastewater treatment systems, and other industrial processes that require microbial control.

7. Veterinary and Animal Husbandry:
– Tablet chlorine 90% is used in veterinary clinics and animal husbandry facilities for water disinfection and hygiene. It helps prevent the spread of diseases and ensures the well-being of animals.

8. Hospital and Healthcare Facilities:
– Tablets chlorine 90% can be employed in hospital and healthcare settings for disinfecting surfaces, equipment, and instruments. It aids in controlling healthcare-associated infections and maintaining a sterile environment.

9. Public Health and Sanitation:
– Tablet chlorine 90% is utilized in public health and sanitation initiatives, particularly in areas with limited access to clean water. It can be used for disinfecting water sources, improving sanitation in communities, and preventing the spread of waterborne diseases.

10. Municipal and Commercial Swimming Facilities:
– Tablet chlorine 90% is commonly used in municipal pools, water parks, and commercial swimming facilities. It ensures proper disinfection of the water, maintaining a safe and hygienic swimming environment for the public.

Tablet chlorine 90% is a convenient and effective chlorine-based disinfectant used in various sectors for water treatment, sanitation, and disinfection purposes. Its applications range from swimming pool maintenance to water treatment plants, household water purification, food and beverage industry, agriculture, industrial disinfection, veterinary care, healthcare facilities, public health initiatives, and municipal swimming facilities. Proper handling and dosage instructions should be followed to ensure safe and effective use of the product.

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