Sodium Aluminium

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Product: Sodium Aluminium

Chemical Formula: AlNa

Information about the product:

– Sodium aluminium is a compound formed by the combination of sodium (Na) and aluminium (Al) elements.
– The chemical formula for sodium aluminium is AlNa, indicating one atom of aluminium and one atom of sodium.
– Sodium aluminium is commonly encountered in the form of sodium aluminium hydride (NaAlH4), which is a white solid.

Information for the sector of utilization of the product:

1. Metallurgy:
– Alloy Production: Sodium aluminium is used in the production of certain aluminium alloys, where it acts as a grain refiner and modifier, enhancing the mechanical properties and structure of the alloys.

2. Chemical Industry:
– Reducing Agent: Sodium aluminium hydride (NaAlH4) is a versatile reducing agent used in various chemical reactions. It is particularly useful in the reduction of carbonyl compounds to alcohols or amines.

3. Pharmaceutical Industry:
– Pharmaceutical Synthesis: Sodium aluminium hydride is employed in the synthesis of pharmaceutical compounds, where it serves as a reducing agent or a source of hydrogen.

4. Organic Chemistry:
– Reduction Reactions: Sodium aluminium hydride is utilized in organic chemistry for the reduction of functional groups, such as aldehydes, ketones, esters, and acids.

5. Hydrogen Storage:
– Sodium aluminium hydride has been studied as a potential material for hydrogen storage due to its ability to release hydrogen gas upon decomposition.

6. Energy Storage:
– Sodium aluminium hydride has been investigated for its potential use in rechargeable batteries, as it can store and release large amounts of hydrogen during cycling.

7. Polymerization Reactions:
– Sodium aluminium compounds are used as catalysts in certain polymerization reactions, facilitating the formation of polymers from monomers.

8. Deoxidizing Agent:
– Sodium aluminium can be used as a deoxidizing agent in certain metallurgical processes, removing oxygen from molten metals.

9. Water Treatment:
– Sodium aluminium compounds, such as sodium aluminate, are used in water treatment processes, specifically for the coagulation and flocculation of suspended particles in wastewater treatment plants.

10. Flame Retardants:
– Sodium aluminium compounds are employed as flame retardants in various materials, including plastics, textiles, and construction materials, to enhance their fire resistance.

Sodium aluminium finds applications in metallurgy, chemical synthesis, pharmaceuticals, and various industrial sectors. It is essential to handle and use sodium aluminium compounds according to safety guidelines and proper handling procedures to ensure safe and effective utilization.

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