Oxalic Acid

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Product: Oxalic Acid

Chemical Formula: C2H2O4

Information about the product:

– Oxalic Acid is a crystalline solid that appears as colorless or white crystals.
– Its chemical formula is C2H2O4, indicating the presence of two carbon atoms, two hydrogen atoms, and four oxygen atoms.
– Oxalic Acid is naturally found in various plants, including rhubarb, spinach, and sorrel.

Information for the sector of utilization of the product:

1. Cleaning and Stain Removal:
– Oxalic Acid is commonly used as a cleaning agent and stain remover. It effectively removes rust stains, water stains, and mineral deposits from various surfaces, including metals, tiles, and fabrics.

2. Wood Bleaching and Restoration:
– Oxalic Acid is utilized in the restoration of wood surfaces. It helps to lighten the color of wood by bleaching out stains and discolorations caused by water, iron, or other contaminants.

3. Metal Cleaning and Polishing:
– Oxalic Acid is used for cleaning and polishing metals, such as brass, copper, and bronze. It helps remove tarnish, oxidation, and stubborn stains, restoring the metal’s shine and luster.

4. Rust Removal:
– Oxalic Acid is effective in removing rust from metal surfaces. It works by converting iron oxide (rust) into a soluble compound, which can be easily rinsed away.

5. pH Adjustment in Water Treatment:
– Oxalic Acid is employed in water treatment processes to adjust the pH of water. It can be used to lower the pH and neutralize alkaline water, making it suitable for various industrial and domestic applications.

6. Laboratory Applications:
– Oxalic Acid finds applications in laboratories for various purposes, including chemical analysis, titration, and pH calibration.

7. Dyeing and Textile Industry:
– Oxalic Acid is utilized in the textile and dyeing industry as a mordant. It helps fix dyes onto fabrics, enhancing colorfastness and preventing fading.

8. Oxidizing Agent in Organic Synthesis:
– Oxalic Acid can act as an oxidizing agent in certain organic synthesis reactions. It participates in oxidation reactions, converting alcohols to aldehydes or ketones.

9. Leather Treatment:
– Oxalic Acid is used in the leather industry for the treatment and preparation of leather hides. It helps remove impurities, stains, and tannin residues from the leather surface.

10. Horticulture and Pest Control:
– Oxalic Acid is sometimes used in horticulture as a pesticide and for the control of certain plant diseases. It can be used to treat fungal infections, scale insects, and mites on plants.

Oxalic Acid is a versatile chemical compound with various applications in cleaning, stain removal, wood restoration, metal polishing, water treatment, laboratory work, dyeing, and more. It should be handled with care as it is toxic and can cause irritation and harm if not used properly. Safety precautions, including proper ventilation and personal protective equipment, should be followed when working with Oxalic Acid.

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