Ammonium Chloride

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Product: Ammonium Chloride

Chemical Formula: NH4Cl

Information about the product:

– Chemical Compound: Ammonium chloride is an inorganic compound composed of ammonium (NH4+) and chloride (Cl-) ions.
– Appearance: It is typically found as a white crystalline solid or granules.
– Solubility: Ammonium chloride is highly soluble in water and forms a mildly acidic solution.
– Volatility: It is known to sublime, meaning it can transition directly from a solid to a gaseous state at high temperatures without melting.

Information for the sector of utilization of the product:

1. Agriculture and Horticulture:
– Fertilizer: Ammonium chloride is used as a nitrogen fertilizer, providing a readily available source of nitrogen to promote plant growth and development.
– Soil Acidifier: It can be applied to acidify alkaline soils, creating optimal pH conditions for certain crops that prefer acidic environments.
– Hydroponics: Ammonium chloride is used in hydroponic systems to provide essential nutrients to plants.

2. Pharmaceutical Industry:
– Expectorant: Ammonium chloride is used in cough syrups and expectorant medications to help loosen and expel mucus from the respiratory tract.
– Urinary Acidifier: It can be prescribed as a urinary acidifier to reduce urinary pH levels in certain medical conditions.

3. Food Industry:
– Food Additive: Ammonium chloride is approved as a food additive with the E number E510. It is used in some food products as a flavoring agent or dough conditioner.

4. Laboratory and Research:
– Chemical Reagent: Ammonium chloride is commonly used as a reagent in various laboratory experiments, including pH adjustments and precipitation reactions.
– pH Buffer: It can be employed as a pH buffer in certain biochemical and biological assays.

5. Textile Industry:
– Dyeing and Printing: Ammonium chloride is used in textile dyeing and printing processes as a dye leveling agent and to improve colorfastness.

6. Electroplating and Metal Finishing:
– Electrolyte Additive: It can be added to electrolyte solutions used in electroplating and metal finishing processes to enhance conductivity and control pH levels.

7. Dry Cell Batteries:
– Electrolyte: Ammonium chloride is used as an electrolyte in some types of dry cell batteries, such as zinc-carbon and zinc-chloride batteries.

8. Flame Retardants:
– Ammonium chloride can be incorporated into flame retardant formulations for textiles, plastics, and other materials to reduce their flammability.

9. Cleaning Products:
– Cleaning Agent: Ammonium chloride can be found in certain cleaning products, such as toilet bowl cleaners and detergent formulations, for its disinfecting properties.

10. Animal Health:
– Veterinary Medicine: Ammonium chloride is used in veterinary medicine to acidify urine and prevent the formation of certain types of urinary stones in animals.

When handling ammonium chloride, it is important to follow appropriate safety measures, including using protective equipment and ensuring proper ventilation, as it can release irritating or corrosive gases when heated or mixed with certain substances.

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