Acetic Acid 80%

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Product: Acetic Acid 80%

Chemical Formula: CH3COOH

Information about the product:

– Organic Acid: Acetic acid is an organic acid that is commonly known as vinegar when diluted.
– Colorless Liquid: In its pure form, it is a clear and colorless liquid with a strong, pungent odor.
– Solubility: It is highly soluble in water and miscible with many organic solvents.
– Strong Acidic Properties: Acetic acid is a weak acid but still exhibits strong acidic properties, capable of corroding metals and causing burns.
– Natural Occurrence: It is naturally present in various food products, including fruits, vinegar, and fermented beverages.

Information for the sector of utilization of the product:

1. Food and Beverage Industry:
– Food Preservative: Acetic acid is used as a natural preservative to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi in food products, extending their shelf life.
– Flavor Enhancer: It adds a tangy and sour taste to many food and beverage products, enhancing their flavor profile.
– Acidulant: Acetic acid is employed as an acidulant in dressings, sauces, marinades, and pickled products.

2. Pharmaceutical Industry:
– Chemical Synthesis: It serves as a starting material or reagent in the synthesis of various pharmaceutical compounds.
– pH Adjuster: Acetic acid is used to adjust and regulate the pH level in pharmaceutical formulations.

3. Cleaning and Household Products:
– Cleaning Agent: Acetic acid is used as a cleaning agent in household cleaning products, such as window cleaners, due to its ability to dissolve mineral deposits and remove stains.
– Descaling Agent: It can be used to remove limescale and mineral buildup from surfaces, appliances, and pipes.

4. Textile and Dyeing Industry:
– Textile Dyeing: Acetic acid is utilized in the textile industry as an auxiliary for dyeing and printing processes, helping to fix colors and improve colorfastness.

5. Agriculture and Horticulture:
– Weed Control: Acetic acid can be used as a non-selective herbicide to control and kill weeds in agricultural and horticultural settings.
– pH Adjustment: It can be applied to adjust the pH of soil for certain plants that prefer acidic conditions.

6. Industrial Applications:
– Manufacturing: Acetic acid is used in the production of various chemicals, solvents, and plastics, including vinyl acetate, cellulose acetate, and synthetic fibers.

7. Laboratory and Research:
– Analytical Chemistry: Acetic acid is employed in various laboratory analyses and experiments, particularly in acid-base titrations and as a solvent or reagent.

8. Wood Industry:
– Wood Preservative: Acetic acid, in the form of vinegar, can be used as a natural wood preservative to protect against fungal and insect attacks.

9. Metal Industry:
– Etchant: Acetic acid can be used as an etching agent to remove oxides and scale from metal surfaces prior to further processing or coating.

10. Waste Treatment and Water Management:
– Wastewater Treatment: Acetic acid can be used in wastewater treatment processes to adjust pH levels and neutralize alkaline wastewaters.

When working with acetic acid, it is crucial to follow proper handling, storage, and safety precautions due to its corrosive nature and potential health hazards.


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